Monday, April 20, 2009

Tilly's New Tutu!

Tilly's tutu is complete and she was happy to pose for a few quick pics !

I just love her, I can't help it she is so tiny and sweet!

She was inspired from my Bunnarina Collection I created a while back.

The collection consists of an entire alphabet of little bunnies
in toe shoes and tutus in the shape of letters.

The alphabet took for ever to paint but it has brought me lots of joy;
it has been the spring-board to many rewarding projects.

Such as Princess Babbette,
who is the prima Bunnarina and the main character in my Bunnarina
picture book I am writing and illustrating in "my spare time." lol!

And this little girls bedroom I designed.

If you would like to read more about this room and see more photos just
go here


While we are on a bunny theme I thought I would share this as well.

This is a photo of one of our signature Sugar Cookie Ornaments,

I played with it in Photoshop and
doubled the scalloped edge of the cookie.
Changed the colors a bit, and used a watercolor filter on it.
Then placed it onto a pink canvas background.

We are thinking of introducing a small line of greeting cards using images like this.
What do you think?
We would love your feedback on this.

Well thats all for now and I will leave you with this,

Just a snap shot of things to come in the downstairs work room.
My husbands going to freak when he sees what I have been doing to his work room!
Now that I need two separate work areas we have to share this space.

It was very uninspiring so....
well you know just some fluff here and there can make all the difference!
Tee, hee:)

Ta ta,


Pam Warden Art said...

Your new photos look great. Glad that helped you :)

Laurie said...

Love the bunny alphabet! I've never tried something like that, and it looks fun! I think those greeting cards would be cool, by the way! :)

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi Laurie,
thanks for the kind words!


Mary Wadsworth said...

Thanks again Pam:)

Lori said...

Mary, your bunnies are so cute...i think using your creations for greeting cards is a wonderful idea!!!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Mary!!! I muuuuuuuuuust have Twinkle Toes Tilly!!!!!! She is fabulous!!! She is perfect for my house, for bunnyville for everything! I went to your site and couldn't find her. Tell me how I might go about purchasing her.
big bunny hugs,

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi Shell, you are so sweet!!! I know she would love to come live in Bunnyville:)

I will email you the info.


Jenn said...

awww Mary I love it all! That little girl's room is so delightful...sooooo sweet! And I think the sugar cookie cards are a wonderful idea! this one is darling:)


Alisa said...

Mary, I love Tilly! She is fabulous!!!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi jenn, hi Alisa thanks for the sweet compliments!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Way beyond cute !!!!! All of it !!!That is one lucky little girl .Did she get the twinkle toes piece too. Oh and my Peanut has a cart for my bike but I hope the hip surgery works so I do not have to get her a doggie stroller. But I will fi she needs one.She loves the outside and her walks and they are so good for both of us. But not in her shape right now.