Friday, April 17, 2009

The Craft Cupboard Cronicles

Most of the boxes have been unpacked,
and our cottage is beginning to feel more like home.

I have even had some spare time to fluff my little nook of a finishing studio.
Due to the nature of the medium I work in (paper mache) which is so dusty when sanded
I need two separate work areas.
One for messy work and one for finish work.

So here are some pics of my little nook on the first floor
and the re-purposed old pine armoire.


This is the view from the door way.
We built the window seat ages ago but I just added the skirt.
Great for storage and it adds a nice finishing touch.
Now truth be told I don't sew....the skirt is made from two store bought curtains
attached with a ribbon that is strung across the wood seat
under the cushion.

I just put the ribbon through the rod pocket on the curtains
and slid them back towards the back of the seat until it was the right length.
Works for me!

These little chairs are just the right size for this room,
but way out of proportion with the giant armoire/craft cupboard.

I don't care their just to cute!
I found them about a year ago at an antique mall in Ohio.
I had them in my old studio and just could not part with them.

I drafted a design and handed them over to my seamstress,
I think she did a beautiful job.

The fronts or face of the top portion of the slip covers
are made from two place mats I had in my stash.

They have a pattern stitched into them reminiscent of crewel work, so yummy.

I was going to paint them but I think I will wait and see how the rest of the room shapes up.
I still want to paint a small floor cloth and that will add color.

So now on to the craft cupboard....


Lowering the work top....

ta da!
Here is what I have done so far;

I have added an upholstered board to the inside backboard using a quilted cream fabric.
I will also be attaching painted chicken wire over the fabric
to create a display/memo surface to this area.

I covered the work surface in a floral mini print in cream and white,
and then topped that with a piece of clear vinyl for easy clean up.

Organized all my stuff,

and added some fun string lights for twinkle.

I did not care for the green electrical cord the lights came on,
so I wrapped it in fabric strips.

I filled it with some of my favorite finds and keepsakes,
like this vintage bunny vase that holds my late Nana's paint brushes.
My Nana was such an amazing artist and person, she was so inspiring. I am so thankful
to have these brushes. I have many treasures from her estate but these will always be my prize
possession. My Nana brought her beautiful dreams to life with these simple tools.
They remind me to start simple and dream big.

And some friendly faces to cheer me along as I work,

Oh, and one more thing a sneak peak at my newest creation.
Twinkle Toes Tilly The Bunnarina.
She is hiding behind the garden gate because she does not have her tutu yet.
She said, "no respectable Bunnarina would have a picture taken of them in just a leotard."

Wow I just finished making her yesterday and she is already a Diva!

As soon as I finish Tilly's tutu I will share some pics,
that is, if it's ok with her. Tee hee:)

Ta ta my lovies!
Thanks for letting me share,

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Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there sweets,
this is fabulous!!!
your online store is glorious!!!