Friday, May 15, 2009

Sping Bugs

Ah, spring the season for blooms, bugs and allergies.
I have seasonal allergies and usually they don't bother me too much... but after a week of sneezing, coughing, and congestion I gave in and went to see a doctor. Well, what started as allergies is now a full blown sinus infection, with a side dish of migraines. Oh joy!

I am sick of being sick!
Guy (the hubby) won't let me get up to do anything...
I am going crazy!
So yesterday when he went to the store,
I slinked into the studio to finish up a few projects
and snap a couple of pictures of some work in progress to share...shh!

This is a little paper clay sculpture of my Ollie baby,
I still need to add her base with some sort of saying.

I love how she turned out,
so now I need to make one of her sister Otter baby.
I think it would be fun to offer custom mini pet sculptures like this, as one of our products.
What do you ladies think?
So many ideas never enough time...sigh!

And a sneak peak at the Trees of Glee.
These trees are made of paper pulp and paper clay with wood trunks wrapped in fabric.
They will be mounted to a decorative base.

I am really excited about these and hope to have a few finished by Sunday.

I feel so behind, I hope I have more energy soon!

Take care and don't let the Spring Bug get you too!



julie Haymaker thompson said...

These are precious beyond words and the little doggie looks like my peanut ... Don't you just love playing with the clay??julie

Laura Trevey said...

so cute!

thanks for visiting ~~

xo Laura

Alisa said...

Both the trees and Ollie are darling! Hope you feel better soon.

cindy said...

Oh honey, so sorry you are under the weather...never a fun thing. Yep, all the rain here has me sniffling and such and I keep thinking I know a SI is just around the corner for me. But I hope not! Love your "clay play" and yep, I like the idea of personalized pets...would be too cute!

yapping cat

Laurie said...

I love the trees! Sorry about the sinus infection and allergies. I've been using a neti pot to help me, have you tried one? Take care! :)

sUz said...

well bless you dear maRy!

Those trees are so ADORABLE! Will you do any that will stand alone?

Thanks for you sweet comments - they are appreciated :)

iN jOy,

Jenn said...

oooh poor Mary! I'm sorry you are feeling so gross:( THe trees of glee are beyond fabulous and the DOG!!! Oh my gosh...adore that!!!!
YES...make more:):)
feel better soon first though:):)


whymsicalmusings said...

Your work is simply amazing! So delightful and fun!

I found your blog through Julie Lucky for me!!!


Silke said...

I just found your blog through Julie Haymaker Thompson and just LOVE your paper sculptures. They are wonderful I'll be back often! :) Silke