Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winter has arrived...

The snow has been falling steady since early this morning.
Turning the view out my studio window into a winter wonderland.

I wish the pups and I could go out and play in it but there is just to much work to be done.
The show went so well last weekend (thank you for the well wishes):) that I have decided to do another one this Saturday in Boyne City, MI.
I should have my head examined!
Oh well no time for that now maybe after the New Year. LoL!

Here are some photos from my booth,

and of me and my Mom Rita Roo!

We even made it on the front page of our local paper,

Big thanks to the owners of the paper, Kathy and Scott Swanson!
You guys are sweet but sneaky:) Tee hee!

Okay enough silly pictures of me here is the good stuff...
the latest yum, yums out of the elf factory.

Ta Da,
please meet the Elf Elders Gate Keepers to the Land of Glee.

If you are pure of heart and on a true quest for Glee,
access they will grant to thee.

A little FYI, legend has it they can be bribed with peppermint bark
from the Forest Of Fa La La.

I have also been working on a new collection called Christmas at the Cottage.

Images of holly berry, cardinals, snow capped roof tops and festive wreaths
are depicted in a vintage pallet of vanilla, antiqued red and cheery greens.

I wrote this little verse to compliment the collection:

Christmas At The Cottage.

Cardinals flit about with winter on their wings.
Then huddle in the holly
when bells begin to ring.

Horses trot through the deep,
past frosted trees fast asleep.

Beyond the branches a dim light gleams,
while skaters dance on crystal streams.

Snow begins to fill the air,
now over the bridge you're almost there!

Past the pines through the gate,
Where your cottage faithfully waits.
Copyright 2009 Mary Wadsworth

This is my favorite piece so far.
This wall pocket is sooo "cottagie" with its scalloped edge and polka dot sash.

Hand made from paper pulp and paper clay.

A stocking hung with care...
And a cozy cottage for two,

I love this color palette and imagery so much
I know this collection is going to grow and grow.

Hope all of your holiday projects are coming along.
I will be checking in with all of you later.
So until then happy holiday creating my little elves.
Peppermint wishes,


Lenae May said...

I was just thinking about snow and I see it all over your tree!
Your art show booth looks lovely! How fun! Very lovely things, Mary.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Best of luck in your upcoming show, you fix your spot up so beautifully.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Mary this post was pure joy to read!!! Your work is soooo sweet I love it all the booth looked so inviting and snow coming down too This is my first year in warm climate I have to say I do not miss the snow at all!! Keep up that sweet work I so treasure my little peanut dog yours and the real one too!! Hugs Julie

Alisa said...

I'm so happy your shows have been going so well!

You and your mom look so sweet together and those Elf Elders.... too stinkin' cute!

Kim said...

awesome website!! I see tassels in your picture. You need to send those to me and I will post them!! I need to have my head examined too =)

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Booth is cute!
You are cute!
Your mom is cute!
Congrat's on the newspaper feature!
Totally love the gate keeper's!
Ok.. I think that was it.. What a great post! As always, your work makes me so darn "gleeful". hee,hee,hee.
bunny hugs,