Monday, December 14, 2009

Another show...

The show went okay,
not as well as the first but that is okay because I learn something new every time:)
My booth for this show was considerably smaller and tested my display skills for sure.

I was thankful for the years I had spent working for a design boutique in Temperance, MI.
The store was small but my bosses purchasing habits were not!
Every Christmas was the same story how do we fit 400 yards of goods into a 20x40 space?
With a lot of imagination, coffee, humor and little sleep.

The booth still needs lots of tweaking and
I have started sketching out some new ideas for the next show.

So many people commented on my hand painted floor cloth, that I may add these to our
product line next year, in a much smaller version of course:)
The other comments that we found interesting were
how many people thought my ornaments were decorations for baby rooms.
I guess it must be my color pallet and whimsical
Lots of folks also wanted baby's first Christmas and personalized ornaments.
I had a few pieces that accommodated their needs.

Like this fun little hat ornament.
I brought it back to the studio and I
added two little paper clay stars for the name and year of birth.

Of course this got the wheels spinning,
and I am already working on new designs for baby.

I have also received some special request via email for these custom pieces.

Two personalized Quilted Tree ornaments
and a new doggy garland with yellow Labradors.

Now with the shows behind me and the custom pieces completed
I can focus on hand made gifts and my holiday decorating.

As soon as I have some holly jolly set out I will share some photos
of our little nest:)
Hope all your holiday projects are coming along well and you are having a jolly good time.

Until next time my dears,
gingerbread kisses and eggnog wishes!



Brynwood Needleworks said...

There's no pleasin' some people, girlfriend! I love it all! Labrador garlands...the best!

Silke said...

Dear Mary, I've missed so much on your blog while I was gone. Your booths for your shows looked just wonderful!! I cannot believe how much work you had done for the shows! And all of it so beautiful!! Glad to be back! Hugs, Silke

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Funny how people always think "baby" when soft colors are used. I got that a lot too. Now they just freak out from all the white. hee,hee,hee.
bunny hugs,

Alisa said...

I like the addition of the stars to the hat... very cute!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Draling darling darling!!!! Every show is different . You never quite know.