Sunday, September 20, 2009


Anxiety can come in many forms,
and a few weeks back it came in the form of our beloved baby Otter.

Otter and her sister, our other baby Ollie

are our two very mischievous eight year old Schnauzer mixes.
My nick name for them is Whuppis, what is a Whuppis you ask?
Take one part puppy and and one part wild wabbit and you get a Whuppy or a Whuppis.

Why a wild wabbit? Well when they are running after a ball, squirrel, chipmunk or anything else that moves they get going really fast and then they start to hop.
It's the funniest thing I have ever seen!
I will try and catch it on video some time to show you, it is hysterical!

Okay back to my story, Otter is a sweetie she loves to love and be loved.
She is curious and smart. When she was a pup she would watch TV and bark at the dogs on the screen. Airplanes and helicopters fascinate her, the minute she hears one approaching she looks for it and watches as it passes. It's almost like she is wondering how they fly.

She and Ollie love the water and boat rides.
Swimming Schnauzer I know crazy, but it's true! Otter truly lives up to her name when she is in the lake. She loves to search for small rocks; she paws them with her feet then plunges her head under and proudly returns to the shore with her prize.

Now you would think a pup that smart
would know better than to eat everything she finds on the ground! Right?
Wrong, not my Otter she picks up everything!
She is especially fond of acorns, which she swallows whole and then proceeds to share them with us around 3:00 in the morning, yuck!!!
You would think by the third stomach ache she would have figured it out.
So smart in some ways and yet so not.

Thank God she doesn't try and eat the rocks from the lake.

Because of this habit of hers we keep a very close eye on her, but a couple of weeks ago I let her get out of my sight for just a minute only to turn around and find her chowing down on something in our neighbors yard. I call her and she ignores me, I yell spit out! Normally she obeys this command, but not this time. So I quickly run across the yard, grab her collar and yell spit out again. Out pops this bright blue chunk, what on earth is this? I am thinking.
Then panic sets in, could this be what I think it is? No no please tell me no! I scoop up Otter and the chunk of blue stuff and head for the house screaming for my husband.

Guy comes to the door and there I am standing,
dog in one hand and unknown substance in other.

I am hyperventilating at this point and hysterical!
I put Otter down and show Guy what she had been eating, while screaming what is this?
I know what it is but I am hoping against hope I am wrong.

I can tell by the look on Guys face my deepest fear is realized.
"Rat poison!" I scream oh my God where could it have come from not our neighbors they have a dog and they know that I have sever O C D. (obsessive compulsive disorder) and one of my biggest fears is poison and chemicals. So where? In My state of hysteria I run to our neighbors
hoping I am wrong and it is some form of fertilizer they had been using.

No such luck, they had not put down any fertilizer or poisons.
While I am at the neighbors Guy decides he needs to take action.
He reads a lot of articles and books on pet health care. He remembered an article he had read about what to do in the event your dog ingests poisons.

Administer hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting,
"what are you freaking crazy poison on top of poison?"
At this point I am about to have a heart attack and am screaming at my poor husband.
I call the emergency number for our vet and get the answering service because it is late afternoon on a Saturday, they say a vet will call me back within 10 minutes.
We don't wait for the vet to call us back we scoop up both pups and head for the clinic.
We live about thirty minutes from the clinic, time being of the essence my husband who never speeds broke ever speed limit known to man.

While en route Otter vomits all over the back seat, Ollie is thoroughly disgusted and promptly hops to the front seat. Gross yes, but we are so relieved the Hydrogen peroxide has worked.
We arrive at the clinic to find the on call vet is there already making her rounds. Thank God.
She evaluates both pups just in case Ollie may have come in contact with it as well and then does an extensive search online to determine what brand of poison it is. It is very important to determine what kind of poison may have been ingested so proper supportive care can be administered. She determines the brand and puts both dogs on vitamin K for 8 weeks. The type of poison Otter ingested causes death by hemorrhaging by depleting the body of vitamin K. So vitamin k is taken as a supplement to counter act this and then we follow up with blood test to check coagulation levels.

The doctor said that Guy's quick thinking with the hydrogen peroxide saved Otters life! To learn more about this please speak with your vet on your next visit.

Both dogs are healthy and happy and so are we!

If you have pets or neighbors with pets please do not use these types of poisons for pest control. They are so deadly that if a mouse dies from eating said poison,
and your cat or dog eats the dead mouse the poison is so toxic it can also kill that cat or dog!

I hope this post raises awareness about this danger and helps others avoid this trauma.

Thanks for letting me share,
and as always take care.


cindy said...

wow! I never knew that about Hydrogen Peroxide. Good to know. So glad that they are both ok. People just do not think about that kind of thing. One of our (indoor) cats (who thinks he is a dog) is really bad about that too! Everything little thing he can find goes into his mouth. Scary. We try to be very careful about what we leave where he can get into. Thanks for the reminder and glad your babies are ok.

yapping cat

noodle and lou said...

OOOH thank goodness the dogs are okay!!!! i am AMAZED how wonderfully you guys handled that! i've never heard of using hydrogen peroxide. brilliant!! sooo scary. love the way your studio is lookin:) xoxo...jenn

Silke said...

Oh, Mary, I couldn't read this fast enough to find out if your babies were ok. I am soooo glad that it all worked out well for you! How scary that must have been!! With out sweet Winslow and even our cat, I worry about them being outside and rooting around in bushes, but less about poisons and more about snakes. So far so good though. Thanks for the Hydrogen Peroxide tip!! Give your babies some lovin' from me!

Hugs, Silke

Alisa said...

Oh my goodness, Mary! Bless y'alls hearts! I know how much my two dogs mean to me, so I can imagine the anxiety of all of it. I'm glad your Otter is okay!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

woo what a tale. Yes I know that the peroxide works!! glad you had it on hand

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh my gosh!! I know you were so scared! I've heard about Peroxide use before and thank goodness for it. I hate all that poison stuff too. It's just so dangerous! People just don't realize how awful it is to everything!
Glad your babies are ok.
bunny hugs,

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Mary: I come to your blog through Shell at the "Raspberry Rabbits"...I flew through this post about your dogs, praying that Otter would be ok. I'm finally breathing again, knowing that your pups are all well again.
I'll be back. I have an affinity for people who love animals...especially dogs.
Hope you can come and visit some time.