Monday, September 21, 2009

Always Seek Vet Advice First!

Hi my sweet friends thank you for all the well wishes for the pups!
We really appreciate it and so do they, you girls are the best:)

I just wanted to stress how important it is that you always consult your Vet before doing something like this. We were lucky to have done the right thing for Otter.
But in some cases this may not be the course of action to take, it all depends on what was ingested, when it was ingested, and the overall health of the animal.
Every situation is different and only
a trained Veterinarian should evaluate the situation.

So don't wait for an emergency to occur, remember knowledge is power.

Okay I feel better now, I just love you guys and want everyone to be safe, healthy and happy:)

Best wishes,


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Alisa said...

You are so sweet, Mary!