Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Wish....

I wish I were here.....

But sadly I am here,

This was the view outside our studio yesterday.

Still pretty snowy here in northern Michigan,
and there is not a lot I can do about it.

Except create art that reminds me of warmer days.
In My last post which was oh so long ago... ( I have been sick in bed with acute bronchitis for two weeks for the second time this winter!!!!)

I said I would be tackling a mirror sculpture and so I have.
I am very pleased with the image and overall scene especially the beach chairs and umbrella.
I was very hesitant to try and sculpt Adirondack style chairs
but I think they turned out pretty good.

( This might make a really cute print or greeting card...hmmm.)

I had some difficulty
with the armature I chose to sculpt on.

Medium density fiberboard also known as (mdf).

As it tends to warp as the pulp shrinks and drys; I was concerned this might happen
so to try and prevent it I sealed the mdf with varnish first,
to repel the water that would leach from the pulp.
I must have missed a spot or two...oops live and learn, oh well it will look cute in my guest room.

Now that I am finally feeling better and have had a couple of days
back to work I have a few other new pieces to share.

Another Bodda Bloom...

in yummy shades of pink, vanilla and brown.
Makes me think of cake and ice cream!
But come to think of it lots of things make me think of cake and ice cream, hee hee.

Our signature Cocoa Cottage in Buttercup yellow,
mounted to a scalloped wood plaque that is painted in fun colors, so sweet.

And some spring Birdie Sugar Cookie ornaments just in time for Easter.

All this fun springy stuff will be headed to our Etsy shop in a couple of days,
I will keep you posted.

I hope it's getting springy in your world!



Pam Warden Art said...

Oh, I can soooooo relate to the weather here in Wisconsin :) Yucko.
But, our driveway dried quickly this year so I am thanking God for that. The snow is pushed back and there is more yard than snow, so as Martha says, "That's a Good Thing."

Jenn said...

Everything is so lovely...I adore those sweet birdie ornaments especially! Thanks for sharing all your new masterpieces:):)

happy weekend and happy soon-to-be Spring!! xox...jenn

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi Ladies thanks for stoppin by.
Jen I am so glad you like the new stuff the Birdie ornaments are my favorite too!


Lori said...

oh my, you still have a lot of snow...ours is all gone, hopefully until next year...your ornaments are so darling...i just love those sweet birds!!!

Alisa said...

Sorry for your snow, it's finally beautiful here, and for your health! Gald you are doing better.

I love those little bird ornaments... too sweet!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Thanks for visiting Alisa and Lori, and thanks for the compliment on the birdies!