Saturday, February 28, 2009

keeping Busy

( click on photo for better view)

I wasn't kidding when I said I was addicted to making these Bodda Blooms,
again I think it goes back to my dire need of spring.

It's a balmy MINUS 8 degrees outside!
So the pups and I have been indoors all morning at the studio making stuff.

The wall tile above is my latest idea incorporating a Bodda Bloom.

I love the Colors on this piece it makes me think of a little sea side cabana in Key West,
aged and weathered by surf and sun.

Here are a few more views.
To get a better look click on the photos.

Side view.

The next piece I am making is a mirror I hope it turns out well;
wish me luck and let me know what you think of the Bodda Blooms tassels and tiles.

Your thoughts and comments are most appreciated as I go through the process
of product design and development.

Thanks for letting me share,



Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there sweets,
eeek you are so very creative!!!
i just added you to my bloglines.
see ya soon

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi Jessi,
thanks for stoppin by.


Lori said...

Mary, thanks for stopping over to visit with me...i just love your work with paper clay and paper is so sweet!!!

Mary Wadsworth said...

You are welcome Lori,and thanks for the compliment I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Muff...your stuff is cool.

Miss and love you,

Jenn said...

they are wonderful! the tile looks soooo cute!!! xoxo...jenn

'alice' said...

hi mary,

thanks for finding my bunny blog!!

i'm so glad you like it, it's been too long since my last post but stay tuned, i'll get back on it soon.

i see that you specialize in decorating childrens' rooms, if you EVER need a bunny print you just let me know! i have a 'few' to choose from ; ) .

your work is beautiful, i'll be back!



Mary Wadsworth said...

Thanks Zoe,
miss and love ya too!


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Mary that is so pretty and so cool! How fun. Sending warm wishes your way.
bunny hugs,