Thursday, June 5, 2008

Her Majesty Spring

In anticipation of her Majesty's arrival the tulips in my garden stand at attention, tall and proud.

In unison they bow toward the garden gate,

while the Magnolia tree releases a shower of color and aroma to line her Majesty's path.

Row after row tidy sprouts stand, shoulder to shoulder, hoping to catch a glimpse of her before she heads north.
With everyone poised and ready, the Robin welcomes her with song.

So now that spring has sprung, it's time for some outdoor decorating.
The Magnolia tree I mentioned earlier belongs to my neighbor Sarah.

She estimates it's age around forty plus years. It branches spread over our backyard patio
creating a wonderful living canopy.

This is where I have begun my garden projects.
My goal for this space is to create an outdoor dining/lounging area.
With a leafy canopy overhead for a roof I wanted to further define the space and add more privacy, so I purchased three panels of lattice in natural color.
Once the Morning Glory I planted fills in it should provide plenty of privacy and beauty.

I thought a fountain would be nice for ambiance, interest, and the birdies.
I found it at Lowes, and I love it.

I wanted to place it near the patio, but this posed a problem, no access to electricity. Solution- buy an arch and run an extension cord up and over the arch, down other side, along the fence, to the garage, where at last there is power. Yes this took some time and some wine.
I added a string of star lights and some dried grapevine for the vine to cling to.
Once this fills in it will make lovely entrance into my new dining room.
When we first purchased this house, about four years ago, I had this wood awning built on to the garage window. I think its time to come up with a design and paint it.

As soon as I paint and stuff begins to grow I will share more photos.

Happy Spring,

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