Friday, January 15, 2010

Cabin Fever and a stiff neck!

I think I have said this before,

"You know you have cabin fever if ice fishing sounds remotely entertaining!"
Well I have cabin fever or the winter blahs,
but I refuse to go ice fishing.
Talk about cabin fever, I don't get it!
No disrespect to the fisherman, but sitting in a box on a block of ice
waiting for a cold slimy fish
Nope can't see me enjoying
On top of the cabin fever I have also strained the muscles in my neck.
No Mom I wasn't on the the snowmobile when I did it.
Cause I know that's what you are thinking.
I actually did it hauling my Christmas decorations down to the basement of all things.
Since then I have been laying low and staying quiet for the last two weeks
hoping the muscles would soon relax.
Now that my neck is finally getting better
I will be able to head down state tomorrow with my sister
and niece to celebrate my birthday
with our Mom and Dad.
When I told my Mom we were coming down to visit she said,
"Oh honey that's great you girls can take down my Christmas decorations."
Wow, how fun my neck hurts just thinking about it.
Do you think if I told her I was going ice fishing
instead she would believe me?
Have a great weekend!


Michelle (Shell) May said...

I'm totally LOL about your mom's comment about taking down her Christmas decorations. Is she related to my mom???? Hilarious!
It was 60 here today and so fabulous. I'm ready for 90. Never been a cold weather person.
Stay warm my friend!

Silke said...

Oooo, I'm sorry you have sore neck. That's no fun at all! I hope it's all better by now. And that you no longer have cabin fever. It's finally gotten warmer here again, but it's been raining for the past two days. I think tomorrow, we are having sunshine and I can't wait to get outside... Stay warm!! Love, Silke

Alisa said...

I totally hear you about those winter blues!
Glad your neck is starting to feel better... take it easy!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh Mary I stiff neck yuk it can be so irritating and when I get them I get really irritable T.O.Y Hug Julie

Silke said...

Mary, I've missed you!! Are you feeling better? How is your neck? Sending lots of love! Hugs, Silke

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, Mary!
I'm so sorry to hear you weren't feeling well! Sorry I couldn't be there to help.

I'm in the process of planning a wedding...for my 70-ish mum. She and her sweetheart are getting married here in FL on April 17. I'll be making her wedding gown and my dress...and planning all the festivities. I'm pretty excited.

Keep in touch and feel better, friend.

noodle and lou said...

oooh mary...i haven't been by in much too long. are you feeling better!!??? i hope so. i have the winter blues too...and it is the pits:( hang in there!!! xoxox

Kim said...

Lol your mom still needs you! Sorry about the sore neck!