Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Trip To the Land Of Glee

We had plans this weekend to go to a local cider mill,
but the weather had other ideas.
It was cold wet and miserable,
so I decided to go to a place where I know the weather is always beautiful.
The Land of Glee.
Such a lovely place is the Land of Glee,
that I just had to bring some of it back with me to share with you.

Okay all silliness aside.
Because of the weather I stayed tucked away in the studio all weekend.
Longing for the colors of fall I decided to make
more trees from the Land Of Glee.

I just put them in my Etsy shop today.

So if your weather is yucky I hope this little trip to the Land of Glee
helped brighten your world.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

these are beyond the best!!!!

Alisa said...

Fantastic and so fun, Mary!
It's rainy and yucky here too, so thanks for the spot of brightness!

noodle and lou said...

rainy and SO gloomy here too!! i just love these so much mary! beyond darling!!! xox

julie king said...

i love how you've named your little fantasy world the land of glee! adorable! and the trees are just wonderful. i've only done a tiny bit of work in paper clay and i loved every minute of it.

the wind is banging my front door fall wreath around tonight and commanding a lot of attention. fall is here!!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

I think the rainy weather was meant to be so you could create more things for the land of glee!
I'm such a dorkwad. However, I do love your creations! :)
bunny hugs,

Micah Holden said...

thanks for brightening my day! Come on over for a little happy I have for you... :)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Love the Glee Trees! I love being in the studio on rainy days, too. Just seems to cheer me up to be surrounded by the things I love.
Blessings to you, Otter and the gang.

Pam Warden Art said...

Very cool trees Mary!!!

cindy said...

These are so very cute and whimsical! :D

yapping cat

Lenae May said...

So happy to see you this morning, Mary! Love LOVE the little trees!