Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Flake are finally finished!

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Well, here is the happy couple huddled against the winter chill.
Mrs. Flake in her pink and powder blue snowflake scarf and her her hubby Francis in his straw hat with blue sash and sprig of holly for a festive touch.

It took some work to get the molding process down for these two snow people sweeties but well worth the effort I think.

These pieces are first sculpted by hand in paper mache and paper clay, from there we make a mold of the originals. Then the new pieces are cast in a paper pulp mix. Once dry the finishing process begins. Sanding,priming,painting,varnish and then embellishing.

I am so pleased with the results we are definitely adding these to our new product line.

let me know what you think we love to get feed back.

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cindy said...

These are sooo cute. They look like that way glossy finish. You put a lot of hard work into those girl! They are adorable.


Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi Cindy thanks for the compliments
I really appreciate it!